Monday, May 11, 2015

Broccoli for Vitamin K Deficiency

Broccoli is a good vegetable for people with a Vitamin K deficiency to have. If your doctor has told you that you may be deficient in Vitamin K, consider adding steamed broccoli to your diet.

You can have broccoli stir fried along with chicken and carrots. You can also add it to pasta dishes with ha. It tastes great in a number of combination. Add cheese to broccoli in dishes for kids.

File:Broccoli in a dish 2.jpg
Image via Wikimedia- Cooked Broccoli

You can also get Vitamin K from several leafy green vegetables. If you like spinach or callaloo, consider adding these to your meals. Spinach and callaloo are both good sources of Vitamin K.
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

P-Anisic Acid 4-Methoxybenzoic Acid Uses in Skin Care

Using 4-methoxybenzoic acid in skin care has several benefits. This ingredient is typically found in many different skincare products. If you examine the ingredients list for some common cosmetics, you may also find is listed as p-anisic acid.

P-Anisic acid and 4-methoxybenzoic acid are both the same thing. The chemical is described by as being a low hazard. It's not described as an environmental toxin and is relatively safe to use in skin care cosmetics.

4-methoxybenzoic acid is an antiseptic. Anise is a good source of p-anisic acid. The compound is used in sunscreen and hair products as well as in some skin care products that are used to erase fine lines.

How to Moisturize Dry Hands Without Lotion

Dry hands area problem for both men and women. In fact, if you live in an area that experiences winter, chances are you have struggled with keeping your hands moisturized during the colder months. The cold winter air rapidly drys out your skin and can lead to signs of premature aging and unwanted dryness on your hands.

Natural coconut oil is a great way to protect your skin from the drying effects of the hot sun or harsh low temperatures. Apply coconut oil sparingly. A little goes a long way. It has antioxidants which will protect your skin and keep your hands feeling supple.